Meet the Owner

Mr. Sellon founded Sellon Forensics Inc. in 2014 to be in control of his time and work load so he can dedicate his time to your work as needed and better meet the unpredictable scheduling demands of the forensic business.

He brings practical real life insights to his explanations that will help you bring closure.

By design, Mr. Sellon’s career has been highly diversified (see CV), which lends itself well to addressing the variety of issues typically encountered during each forensic investigation.  Often Mr. Sellon has designed and/or specified electrical systems that utilized the type of equipment or similar equipment that failed or allegedly failed.

After his first retention as a paid consultant in failure analysis in the 1990’s, his services have been requested 1,000s of times.

Mr. Sellon was raised in Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska.  Some of his formative years were spent in Mammoth Lakes, California, on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada near Yosemite where he worked as an electrician at a ski area.  He is an avid bicycle rider.  He and his wife have one son and daughter-in-law.


Jeffrey L. Sellon, PE

Licensed P.E. in multiple states, but “grounded” in the West